The series “Fortaleza” has as protagonist a native tree of America, mainly in the central Andes and among all its names it is called in Colombia Chachafruto, super food that has thorny and pubescent branches, which end in inflorescences of strong and alive colors. When contemplating carefully this exemplary tree they took me to develop a search towards my own iki, and expressing all its structure in that plant.

Extreme courage (ikiji), resistant to the inclemency of the climate, with an exuberant attraction (bitai) evident in its colors and its great size, and also its resigned state (akirame) to be like a silly cousin of the bean that when not being easy to collect has not been valued as it really deserves.

An exemplary, robust plant that among its rigidity hides the candor of the food.

(…)The apprehension of the meaning of iki depends on the possibility of basing the objective expression on the phenomenon of consciousness and capturing its structure as a whole.

Kuki Shûzô in The Structure of the iki