It is my great honor to present this work, with the sensory presence of the music of the great Argentine composer, Martín Marino.


I invited Martín to see my work and to think of something sonorous to add. To my great delight, in his vision of the work, he was inspired to compose, not just any accompaniment, but rather he created some pieces that complemented it while watching. I can confidently say it transported me to another sensory level.


Best of all, TROPISMOS, as Marino’s puts it, is a sonic vision of my work that grew in a completely organic way, spontaneously inspired and recorded during 2021, right in the middle of the total isolation period of the global pandemic.


Beyond being a typical audiovisual proposal, I would like audiences to see TROPISMOS as an invitation to have a unique experience; in which both listeners and observers become exposed to the combined languages of music and painting, enjoying art in more than one dimension.

Kind regards,
Ser Jiménez

Enredadera barroca

The colors vibrate in their own light, I try to capture the intensity of the sumptuous nature.
A palette with the need for excess and irrationality.

Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
115 x 237 cm (45″¼ x 93″¼)

Mburucuyá infinita


by Martín Marino | Tropismos

The search for a concept of infinity in its own nature, its radial forms. Its faculty to mutate as many times as necessary.  A primary palette from which emerged a timeless and half watery enchanting effect.

Acrylic on canvas
105 x 197 cm (41″½ x 77″½)

Trepadora Ligularis

Trepadora Ligularis

by Martín Marino | Tropismos

I started a green wall with a couple of grenadillas, captivated by their shapes, not just the physical ones.  They climbed up the wall with dexterity, filling that white wall. The coloring, a license, waiting for the look to seek the complementary.

Acrylic on canvas
105 x 197 cm (41″½ x 77″½)



I. Enredadera Barroca
II. Mburucuyá Infinita
III. Trepadora Ligularis


Musical Composition by   Martín Marino

Art and design by Ser Jiménez

Performed, recorded and edited by Martín Marino

Mixing & Mastering by Ariel Gato

Album produced by Martín Marino

TROPISMOS is also available
on digital platforms.


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