This is an intention to show, in times of COVID-19. I want to clarify, that I don’t think anything online can replace watching it live, but this is what we have now. I have to ask for some patience so that everything loads correctly. You are welcome to this tour inside the works.

Kind regards,
Ser Jiménez


A few months ago, I asked my collectors and the general public, please ask me questions about what they saw in the paintings. The result was fascinating: with the differential range of each observer. I like to think about exactly that; about the infinite possibility of each gaze.

I publish some of those questions, since they are open invitations to contemplate this rich natural network of perspectives. They are, in communion with the works exhibited, the necessary phytotropism that I propose.

Enredadera barroca

The colors vibrate in their own light, I try to capture the intensity of the sumptuous nature.
A palette with the need for excess and irrationality.

Acrylic and charcoal on canvas
115 x 237 cm (45″¼ x 93″¼)

How long did it take for nature to develop in such a special way and full of surprises?

Was it possible to continue to believe after so much?

What world are these plants from?

Are they incarnating or joining the multiverse?

Is there a taxonomic intention in the representation of these “natures”?

Is this wild or urban nature?

Does the changing coloring better reflect real nature?

Mburucuyá infinita

The search for a concept of infinity in its own nature, its radial forms. Its faculty to mutate as many times as necessary.  A primary palette from which emerged a timeless and half watery enchanting effect.

Acrylic on canvas
105 x 197 cm (41″½ x 77″½)

Could we think that the white flower is the present of the blossom and the golden one its future, as if it were the culminating point of its flowering that announces its withering?

Do I think they are part of a series about the seasons of the year, which leads us to connect with our stages of life?

How aggressive are the flowers in caring for their fruits?

Do you also see erotic bodies in these works?

Is it an underwater sunset?

Do the transparencies and bubbles suggest something dreamlike to me, is it intentional?

Are the textures the result of some different perspective? Like looking at them through water.

Trepadora Ligularis

I started a green wall with a couple of grenadillas, captivated by their shapes, not just the physical ones.  They climbed up the wall with dexterity, filling that white wall. The coloring, a license, waiting for the look to seek the complementary..

Acrylic on canvas
105 x 197 cm (41″½ x 77″½)

Is there an intention to make nature liquid?

There is an apparent translucency in the paintings, is there a reason for this?

Why is there a spiral in the paint?

Is it harvest time?

Are passionflowers, like grenadilla, very attractive… They seem to have something cosmic… Is there something of it in the selection of these fruits?

The bottom has the corners of a room, does this imply that this plant grew in a house?

That flora that in the end drains away, river, sap, blood, tears, water in the end, because it persists and returns in your work?


A tour inside the paintings and not just a virtual space.  The proposed route may seem quite arbitrary, I know, but I repeat that it is an intention to exhibit in times of COVID-19, trying not to fall into the device of 3D tours, which in my opinion does not allow to appreciate the artworks.

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