Mixed technique on cotton paper.
28 x 25 cm (11″ ¹/₃₂ x 9″ ²⁷/₃₂) each

From the series “brotes” – “sprouts”.

My gaze stops at these sprouted sweet potatoes (batata), simple and complex at the same time, always suggestive and above all always nourishing.

This piece is made in Buenos Aires, where sweet potato as a word is used in the daily word with different conception, a bit negative, as lack of words or reaction because of confusion or shyness. I consider that it is popularly underestimated… and that is where I am most interested, that edible tuberous root to which they do not give much importance but that at the same time does us so much good.

Without leaving aside, of course, that the intent of this timid beginning is not to bring me down (abatatarme).