VIII Biennale di Firenze

El frottage y las ciudades (the frottage and the cities)
Tour from Madrid to Florence by land
Audio-visual installation (frottage with audio insitu) with active interaction of the audience
Dimensions variable.

“The frottage and the cities”, that puts in relation between place, with(tact) and knowledge, is an ephemeral and perfomatic realization of routes by deprogrammed ways, where/the one that is carried out in situ series of frottage – technique coming from the archaeology – that and a relationship is established between the city and that what goes remaining hidden and passes for unnoticed. To make visible, as the philosopher Didi-Huberman suggests, fossils of gestures, short times or long times. Traces of time for the creation of new semantic maps within the city, the “same” city that we are constantly visiting. PAST?

Afterwards, the tour is taken to an installation to transform an exhibition space, with the series of frottages that are exposed as newly enlarged photographs in a sequential way and as evidence of the tour and the contact with the city. A new way of understanding a “developing process”: by light, by contact and by relief, plus the video appreciation of the action performed and easy access to the conceptualization of the work.

More than 600 artists from over 70 countries showed their works at the 8th Florence International Biennial of Contemporary Art 2011.

With the project “frottage and cities” I received a special mention from the jury.